SISU 8x8 Launcher Vehicle on duty at Andoya

Norwegian Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS (KONGSBERG) together with the Royal Norwegian Air Force, and US based Raytheon Company performed a Live Firing Event at Andøya island, Northern Norway, on 23-24 May 2012.

In the Event, the SISU 8x8 hook-lift Launcher Vehicle was used by KONGSBERG for transportation and emplacement of the NASAMS canister launcher.  The NASAMS canister launcher was transported to its combat position and for the first time the canister launcher was on SISU’s purpose-built hook lift flat rack when fired. The event was witnessed by Armed Forces representatives from more than 10 nations worldwide.

SISU 8x8 is an armoured off-road truck used in various military applications. In addition to it’s excellent off-road capabilities, the versatile truck runs rapidly on highways, too. The distance from Sisu factory at Karjaa, Finland, to Andøya in Northern Norway is in fact a good example of the potential operational radius of the truck.

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Both tests were successful: SISU 8x8 truck delivered the canister launcher, and the missile hit the target drone.

Source: Sisu Defence Oy
Date: Jun 3, 2012