World's first powered helmet accessories platform ''Sidewinder''

The "Sidewinder" is the industry's first powered helmet accessories platform, and is a product of A7 Tactical Systems, LLC.

The Sidewinder is designed to be commensurate with the military's current philosophy of reduced weight, increased utility, and modular design. The system is designed to allow a plethora of accessories such as cameras, high powered illumination devices, etc., to be directly powered by the platform itself when attached. These accessories can be used independently or together on either side of the helmet. The main advantage of the system is that it alleviates the need to not only have to replace the various types of batteries in  individual accessories, but it also eliminates the need for an operator to have to carry the batteries at all.  Helmet mounted accessories can be made lighter, lower profile, and less obtrusive but have the same or greater usage time and power as the traditional, larger, and heavier battery inclusive accessories.

The reactor power cells which power the Sidewinder platform are custom designed cells with a built in protection chip that prevents incidental or purposeful shorting of the system even when it is fully submerged. The Reactor power packs are lightweight, flat, weigh a few ounces, and can be replaced in a matter of seconds without removing the helmet.  The Reactor cells are fully rechargeable which reduces the hazmat issue associated with the disposal of standard AAA, AA, lithium, and other disposable cells.

Accessories designed for the Sidewinder include:

  1. The A7 Tactical Illuminator (TIL). The smallest, most powerful tactical light in the industry. 130 lumens, 3 inches long, and 29.4 grams. 3 hrs usage time.
  2. The A7 micro cam. One touch operation, 720dp, 5 hours usage time, and 1/3 the size of the smallest camera in the industry with 2X the operating time.
  3. Gunfighter combat goggles. Clip directly into the Sidewinder platform. 4 different visor options including photochromic and LEP.

The system has been designed to not only accept accessories specifically made to accept power directly from the platform, but an operator can also use traditional accessories that fit on a picatinny rail.

Source: Angel 7 Industries, LLC
Date: May 23, 2012