Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) market to reach $7.26bn in 2012

A new analysis finds that the UAV market will reach a value of $7.26bn in 2012, as UAVs continue to be demanded for a wide range of military operations that are crucial to support both combat and humanitarian missions.

An analyst commented that ‘UAVs fulfil both intelligence gathering and offensive combat roles, and as a consequence are expected to be demanded increasingly over the coming years as forces seek to utilise improving technology’.

The report contains 270 tables, charts and graphs that add visual analysis in order to explain developing trends within the UAV market. It provides forecasts for the period 2012-2022 in terms of value (US$) and number of units for the global UAV market, as well as for five global submarkets: high-altitude long endurance (HALE) UAVs; medium-altitude long endurance (MALE) UAVs; unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAVs); tactical UAVs; and small UAVs. Two separate segments that straddle these submarkets are also reviewed: naval UAVs and civil UAVs. In addition, 20 leading national UAV markets are forecast and analysed over the period 2012-2022, including the total UAV market and the five submarkets in terms of value (US$) and number of units for each of the 20 leading national markets. The report also provides profiles of 30 leading companies operating within the market, and includes an exclusive interview with AeroVironment, a leading UAV company, providing expert insight alongside this new analysis.

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Source: ASDReports - Market Research
Date: May 23, 2012