UK MoD Broadens Adoption of NGRAIN Simulation Solutions

 NGRAIN®, the leading provider of interactive 3D simulation software and solutions for maintenance training and support, today announced that the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (MoD) has selected a new NGRAIN Virtual Task Trainer™ (VTT™) solution. Deployed by channel partner PulseDefence, the solution will enable the UK MoD to provide anytime, anywhere access to maintenance and operations training for the 6 Cylinder Diesel Engine.

Along with the 6 Cylinder Diesel Engine Virtual Task Trainer, the UK MoD has also selected NGRAIN and PulseDefence for inclusion in the UK MoD Multi-Participant Framework Agreement for Technical Support (FATS/4). This contracting vehicle will enable the UK MoD to accelerate future procurements of NGRAIN products and services.

“With reduced budgets, there is less equipment available for training purposes, and the British military is tackling this challenge head-on. By allowing maintainers and operators to practice procedures virtually, the UK MoD is providing personnel with the interactive learning opportunities they need to master complex tasks. It is exciting to see our software-based approach continue to play a more central role in helping the UK military achieve its training goals,” says Keith Pollock, Senior Director, Global Channel & Strategic Partnerships, NGRAIN.

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The 6 Cylinder Diesel Engine Virtual Task Trainer will allow Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers to provide more experiential learning opportunities in an introductory diesel engine maintenance course, which covers complex procedures such as changing the starter motor and oil pump. Students will interact with the simulated equipment in real time, increasing their understanding of the engine’s internal components and operations. Used as a classroom tool and deployed on the Defence Learning Portal (DLP), the VTT will reduce the requirement for hard trainers and provide more distance learning opportunities.

“As a result of economic pressures, maintenance professionals will be required to maintain a wider variety of equipment with fewer expert instructors and resources available to them. At the same time, it will be necessary to deliver training in the same volumes and quality as before, but in a way that costs less and has a smaller administrative burden. Adopting a flexible learning solution — one that can be easily delivered online — allows the MoD to deliver instruction in a way that reduces the need for travel, provides effective self-paced learning, and allows training resources to be diverted to more complex requirements. But most important, these solutions increase speed to competency,” says Richard Marshall, Director Sales, Defence Learning & Simulation, PulseDefence.

Source: NGRAIN
Date: May 22, 2012