US Navy awards Submarine Escape Suits contract to Survitec

Survitec Group is delighted to announce it has agreed to an initial equipment order worth over $25 million to supply Submarine Escape Immersion Equipment (SEIE) to the US Navy. This firmly places Survitec's RFD Beaufort Mk11 suit as the only technically acceptable product to meet the strict US Navy requirements for product quality and submariner safety.

The initial order for several thousand RFD Beaufort SEIE Mk11 suits has the opportunity to extend to a total contract value of over $60 million over the next five years. This success follows the recent contract award from the Royal Canadian Navy, also for the SEIE Mk11 suit, and reinforces Survitec's commitment to safety, integrity and product quality.

Manufactured at Survitec's facility in Sharon Center, Ohio, the SEIE Mk11 suits will replace the US Navy's existing SEIE Mk10 range. Survitec has already invested approximately $10 million in establishing an extensive and highly capable US manufacturing facility capable of achieving full rate production, and in sourcing US domestic textiles necessary to comply with the Preference for Certain Domestic Commodities Clause, otherwise referred to as the Berry Amendment.

David Abbott, Managing Director of Survitec's Sharon Center facility, commented on the contract, "We're extremely proud to be supplying our US Navy Submariners in what is a very important contract for Survitec and our workforce in Sharon Center. Our company pioneered Submarine Escape technology in 1952 and has continually evolved its offering to the current high standard of the SEIE Mk11."

The Sharon Center facility, now employing over 120 local, skilled workers in high-end textile engineering and manufacturing has already supplied in excess of 4,500 SEIE Mk11 suits since 2009, and will continue production of around 250 units per month. The facility is also the supplier of 25- and 50-person rafts to the US Navy (NAVSEA), and Anti-G pants for pilots in the US Air Force and US Navy.

Survitec pioneered the development of Submarine Escape technology in 1952. Designed to provide protection for submariners from a stricken submarine, Survitec's products include single skinned suits with integrated life rafts, escape jerkins, inflatable abandonment suits, external submarine life raft systems and freeboard extenders.

The suits are designed at Survitec Group's center of excellence for engineering and, test and certification of mission critical safety and survival equipment in Birkenhead, UK. Survitec has in excess of 30,000 units of submarine escape equipment in use in the market place, and supplies to 30 of the world's navies.

Source: Survitec Group
Date: May 21, 2012