Simlat Selected to Deliver 15 SPOT Systems for ISR Payload Operator Selection Process

Simlat Ltd. has been selected to provide 15 SPOT (Selection by Performance-Oriented Testing) systems to a military customer for an extensive process of manning ISR Payload Operator positions. Over 100 candidates are expected to undergo the SPOT battery as part of the selection process. The procedure includes inspecting SPOT performance grades on various ISR tasks to determine compatibility to this demanding position.

“Incorporating SPOT in the selection process allows customers to explore candidates’ performance and cognitive skills through tasks that are highly relevant to the position in question, with no need for prior knowledge or training,” says Nira Streifler, Product Manager at Simlat. “It’s a cost-effective solution both in terms of the selection process itself and when taking into consideration the costs of incompatible manning or dropout.”

Source: Simlat Ltd.
Date: May 21, 2012