Lithium Batteries Amp Up the Power and Potential of Today's Military Operations

Efficiency is paramount when a military unit needs to mobilize. That's why having the most advanced, lightweight and compact technologies, such as the new StarkPower Lithium Batteries (, are so critical to troop success. More than just a cost-saving solution, these batteries give the military an opportunity to significantly lighten their loads, improve the reliability and functionality of their operations, and boost their odds of achieving strategic goals.

"StarkPower's Lithium Batteries are revolutionary in that these highly flexible, stand-alone battery packs have the potential to change how our military 'powers up' and conducts operations," says Martin Koebler, president of StarkPower. "Either portable or stationery, these unique battery packs are great for anyone in defense, specifically communications, and who has previously depended upon conventional lead acid batteries and gas generators for energy support."

These breakthrough lithium battery packs are maintenance-free, memory-free and assembly-free. StarkPower uses flat, large-format cells that minimize heat build-up and produce extremely low-heat signature with high current-discharge capabilities. This makes StarkPower the highest energy density and power density solution around. Additionally, StarkPower has incorporated internal, solid-state, high-amp power switches that enable greater battery reliability and flexibility. The batteries operate in a wide temperature range with exceptional cold-weather performance.

Proven to far outperform heavy, lead acid batteries, the StarkPower option works as a sole source of energy storage or with hybrid systems (e.g., solar, wind, gas generators). Current systems can be used in conjunction with this lithium solution to boost efficiency, reduce overall power use and lower energy costs.

"Each StarkPower battery pack has internal cell balancing, over-voltage and over-discharge voltage protection, and temperature control protection that uses solid-state technologies for maximum reliability," Koebler says. "It's pretty phenomenal and a must-have military tool in today's arsenal of defense."

Source: StarkPower
Date: May 16, 2012