Elbit Systems of America to Present Special Operations Capabilities

The theme of this year’s Special Operations Forces Industry Conference is “Building the SOF Alliance”. Elbit Systems of America, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Elbit Systems Ltd., intends to do just that by presenting its innovative special operations solutions in booth #2022 at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Florida from May 22-24, 2012.

Airborne Solutions will showcase the 3rd generation Cockpit Demonstrator with Degraded Visual Environment (DVE) Symbology Solution, easily integrated, cutting edge family of smart and slim displays and the newest head up display:

Cockpit Demonstrator w/ DVE Symbology Solution
This 3rd generation DVE demonstration unit offers an all-aspect solution for helicopters allowing for full integration between the Helmet Display with Tracking System (HDTS) and the aircraft’s existing avionics systems. The HDTS  is the backbone of the Head up Display (HUD) system and is comprised of qualified components already supplied to the Department of Defense and in use on various U.S. Military aircraft. This cockpit demonstrator highlights the intuitive brownout “grid symbology” which allows helicopters or tilt rotor aircraft to operate effectively in DVE without the use of heavy or drag-inducing sensors. Featured flat panel displays for the HDTS, Night Vision Goggles (NVGs), and day Heads Up Displays (HUDs) are rigorously tested and qualified avionics components meeting all U.S. qualification standards.

10”, 12”, and 15” Multifunction Displays Tower
Our display tower showcases Elbit Systems of America’s latest family of displays. These high-definition capable displays can all be easily equipped with an innovatively designed common processing module to instantly convert a “dumb” display into a “smart” display with formidable processing capabilities.   

6x6 V-22 Slim Display
Elbit Systems of America currently supplies the multifunction displays for the V-22 production program. This slim design incorporates cutting edge technologies which not only improve the performance and reliability of this robust display, but also allows for the growth capabilities for high resolution DVII signals, and a seamless incorporation of high resolution glass and touch screens.     

Replacement Head-Up Display (RHUD)
Elbit Systems produces HUDs for fighter, rotary wing, and cargo aircraft worldwide. The newest, called Replacement HUD (RHUD), is state of the art digital glare-shield mounted HUD comprised of two principal line replacement units: the RHUD Projector Unit and the RHUD Computer Unit. Within the RHUD, Elbit Systems of America incorporated growth provisions that will provide the foundation for Enhanced Flight Vision System integration, sensor fusion and other enhancements - while increasing ease of maintenance, reliability and mitigation of obsolescence.

Skylark® I LE Unmanned Aircraft System
Based on the operationally-proven Skylark® I Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) currently used by many coalition partners, the LE version increases the system’s operational range to 15 km and the endurance to approximately 3 hours. The system also features a unique gyroscopic-stabilized, gimbaled payload optimally integrated with algorithms derived from the larger Hermes® 450 UAS to enable auto-tracking of dynamic targets. A hand-launched unit, the Skylark® I-LE UAS combines the characteristics normally reserved for larger UAS within the form-factor of a man-portable system

Sensor & Electro-Optics Solutions will display a variety of innovative systems including advanced miniature Diode Pumped Laser Designator, Director-M; our target identification tool, Thermal Beacons; and the Eagle Shield family of infrared countermeasures.

Director-M (JTAC LTD / AN/PEQ-19)
The Director-M, based on Rattler laser technology, is one of the lightest weight laser targeting/hand-off solutions available for foot mobile warfighters. With the Direct View Optic, warfighters never have to attach and boresight an external optic for day missions. The 1-watt Near Infrared (NIR) pointer boresighted to the miniature 1064nm laser provides an organic night capability. The top rail and bottom rail grabber give the warfighters options for stacking mission specific equipment.

MK II Family of Thermal Beacons
Thermal Beacon technology utilizes radiated blackbody and Infrared technology to signal friendly forces in the NIR, Mid Wave Infrared (MWIR) and Long Wave Infrared (LWIR) spectrums. Thermal Beacon blackbody strobes are invisible to the naked eye, current night vision, and other Infrared sensors outside the MWIR and LWIR ranges. The NIR strobes are visible using most night vision devices employed today. The battlefield applications of Thermal Beacon products are nearly limitless and range from identification of friend or foe to covert marking of strategic interests.  Units are available in personnel worn, handheld, and vehicle born models. Detection ranges vary from 2 km to 10 km depending on the model and the receiving sensor.

Eagle Shield Family of Infrared Countermeasures (DIRCM)
The Eagle Shield family of infrared countermeasures is based on Elbit Systems’ MUSIC®  (Multi-Spectral Infrared Countermeasures) direct infrared countermeasures (“DIRCM”) systems currently in full-scale production for numerous customers,.  The primary design principles of the Eagle Shield family incorporate a highly reliable and robust fiber laser generator with modular open system architecture which allows independent modulation of jamming bands. Our Eagle Shield systems use a high frame rate thermal camera ensuring fast acquisition and accurate tracking, and implements a sealed jamming turret isolated from the environment for maximizing reliability.  The system architecture, incorporated into four products, is specifically adapted to meet the needs of different airframes and missions, while providing the most capable and reliable DIRCM in the world.

Land C4I Solutions invites you to experience a selection of high performance computing and communications interoperability solutions including TACTER®-31D Computer, RPDA-57 and our IRCS System:

Tacter®-31D Computer
The Tacter®-31D is the next generation of the Tacter® family of military computers, featuring a tablet configuration. The Tacter®-31D computer provides powerful computing capabilities, high performance 10.4” XGA sun-readable display with LED backlight, smart power management algorithm, a Smart Li-lon battery for long stand-alone operation time, hot-swap (secondary battery) for uninterrupted operation during main battery hot-swap, optional military or commercial embedded GPS and much more. The Tacter®-31D computer’s outstanding versatility and capabilities make it an excellent candidate to serve all combat echelons in the rapidly evolving world of the digital battlefield.

Featured in the video presentation and based on the Marvell 520 MHz PXA-270 processor, the RPDA-57 responds to the call for situational awareness applications. The generous 128 MB RAM and 64 or 128 MB Flash Memory provide ample room to run and house many applications in nonvolatile memory, providing protection against data loss due to battery drainage. Available in both wireless and non-wireless configurations, RPDA’s aluminum construction eliminates many of the reliability concerns associated with handhelds. The waterproof design delivers operability in tough environments never before possible. Optional functionalities can be incorporated into modular “backs”, giving you the flexibility you need to support many tasks with one basic computer and change mission profiles on the move. The Rugged-PDA modular design allows an operator to reconfigure the RPDA-57 hardware and software for a specific mission without changing the basic unit

Also featured, comprehensive solutions for product and customer support
Elbit Systems of America’s newest business unit, M7 Aerospace in San Antonio, Texas, is a recognized leader in specialized modifications, depot level maintenance, and worldwide contractor logistics support for special purpose non-standard aviation military aircraft.  M7’s performance was recognized by the U.S. Army for outstanding logistics support in 2011. This is the second year the Elbit Systems of America subsidiary received this prestigious award. Each year, Program Managers from the Aviation Program Executive Office select the outstanding performers to honor with the Weapons Systems Award. Of the hundreds of eligible Aviation PEO contractors, Elbit Systems of America was specifically acknowledged for outstanding logistic support to the Fixed Wing PMO and C-23 Sherpa program during the 2011 coordination and completion of C-23 retrograde operations from Operation New Dawn; C-23 RESET Program; and support of the 2011 C-23 Divestiture Order. M7 maintains the type certificate, parts support, and engineering authority for the worldwide Metro-Merlin fleet of aircraft (including DoD RC-26A/B variants).  M7 experience also includes the Dornier Do-328, ATR-42, and ATR-72 regional transport carriers.

Elbit Systems of America provides support solutions for specific customer needs. Easy access to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) support, fast repair turn-around times, and online status reporting enables our customers to better forecast asset availability and enhances operational availability. Elbit Systems of America realizes our customers deserve a product support structure as stable and reliable as their tactical platforms. The company provides combat-proven design, development, production, repair, and life-cycle supportability solutions of mission critical systems for United States and Allied military tactical platforms. The Company also enhances customer capabilities by managing the repair and overhaul system support, and life cycle support of all of the military electronics systems.

Source: Elbit Systems Ltd.
Date: May 16, 2012