Security Powerhouses McAfee and CloudShield Offer a New Sensor-based Approach to Detect and Defend Against Advanced Persistent Threats

McAfee, the world's largest dedicated security technology company and Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) (NYSE: SAI), a FORTUNE 500® scientific, engineering and cybersecurity company, today announced that the sensor-based McAfee Network Threat Response (NTR) solution is available with the CloudShield CS-4000 platform, a combination that offers improved network protection against Advanced Persistent Threats for telecommunications, financial, healthcare, government and military organizations.

"McAfee Network Threat Response on the CloudShield CS-4000 gives users a unique advantage in defending against an ever-changing array of cyber threats including the rapidly evolving advanced persistent threats," said Charles Beard, SAIC Chief Information Officer (CIO) and General Manager of the company's Cybersecurity Business Unit. "Organizations need a trusted platform that can accommodate a suite of specialized software sensors that can be rapidly deployed and the CloudShield appliances provide that level of trust."

Sensor-based McAfee Network Threat Response can discover hidden fragments of malware that have infiltrated a network. It alerts security administrators when malware is present and jumpstarts recovery efforts, potentially reducing the scope and control of Advanced Persistent Threats from weeks, even months, to mere minutes. McAfee Network Threat Response sensors running on the CloudShield CS-4000 provides scalability to high speed networks, allowing deployments by large organizations or telecommunications providers. The CS-4000 can strengthen customer security postures by expanding sensor deployment to untrusted locations with physical tamper protection and military grade cryptography.

"Offering IT professionals advanced security at every level across the network, McAfee Network Threat Response technology running on the CloudShield CS-4000 meets key needs of today's CIOs and CISOs," said Joe Sexton executive vice president of global sales at McAfee. "Partnered with CloudShield, McAfee is excited to help bring a faster, more resilient security product, operating in real-time, at real network speeds to the market."

The CloudShield CS-4000 Platform is the latest advancement in trusted cyber solutions for telecommunications, financial, healthcare, government and military organizations. Addressing the shortcomings of a security equipment market dominated by closed and fixed-function appliances, the CS-4000 offers an adaptable, active network device that combines patented deep packet processing capabilities with high-performance and general purpose computing for scalable, flexible performance. McAfee Network Threat Response combined with the CS-4000 gives organizations who are concerned about being the victim of advanced targeted attacks the ability to identify threats that have already infiltrated into the network, and helps security analysts in forensic discovery to isolate, reveal and mitigate these threats.

"McAfee and SAIC/CloudShield have developed a strong, extensible solution for fighting Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)," said Christian Christiansen, VP Security Products & Services, with research firm IDC. "Because APT is a low and slow attack with many phases, detection and mitigation requires patient analysis of packets over a long period of time, McAfee's leading security products coupled with SAIC's CloudShield provides large enterprise and Telco customers with solutions to address these new attack processes."

Source: Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) (NYSE: SAI)
Date: May 14, 2012