TCG Announces New, Large Contract Award From USAF in Europe

Tactical Communications Group (TCG), the leading independent provider of tactical data link (TDL) software solutions for military test, training, simulation and operational applications worldwide, today announced it had been awarded a new large contract from USAFE to expand their use of TCG's training products at air bases throughout Europe, with USAFE adding several new GTS systems to the existing systems now being successfully employed throughout Europe.

Under terms of this new award, TCG will supply additional units of its GTS live, virtual constructive pilot training solution. These TCG GTS systems will be used by USAFE, in conjunction with ViaSat's new two-channel Link 16 VHF/UHF STT terminals, to provide cost-effective, highly realistic pilot training on tactical air operations, leveraging TCG's comprehensive training and simulation capabilities. These capabilities include the ability of TCG's GTS solution to uniquely support live tactical data link network participation with virtual asset injection and simulation, and constructive simulation-over-live interaction. The TCG GTS solution also provides mission recording and analysis tools to support live air-to-air combat training, which can be subsequently used in post-mission debriefing and analysis. Through the use of the state-of-the-art solutions from TCG and ViaSat, USAFE pilot training will be conducted in a manner that optimizes warfighting effectiveness, through the development of mission planning, tactical air operations and post-flight debriefing skills, while minimizing training costs.

"We have been working closely with USAFE across Europe for the past several years and we are very pleased with the expansion of the number of our systems now being deployed in the European theater and beyond," said Nick Kropp, TCG's Vice President of Worldwide Field Operations. "We are committed to supporting USAFE in successfully deploying these additional training systems, given the ability of these systems to cost-effectively prepare our pilots on tactical air operations, contributing to future mission success."

"Like TCG, we are excited to be supporting USAFE with this new initiative, through the close and seamless integration of our new, two-channel Link 16 VHF.UHF STT terminals with TCG's leading GTS LVC training solution," said Jay Kaufman, ViaSat General Manager, Tactical Data Links Business Unit. "Along with TCG, we are likewise committed to successfully supporting USAFE with these new systems, and believe our new, high performance, low cost, STT terminals offer military users globally the ability to reduce costs, similar to the savings being realized by USAFE."

Source: Tactical Communications Group
Date: May 10, 2012