Cubic to Spotlight Jordanian Training Systems During SOFEX

AMMAN, JORDAN--(Marketwire - May 07, 2012) - Cubic will showcase the advanced training systems it has developed for the Kingdom of Jordan and other Middle Eastern nations during the Special Operations and Homeland Security Exhibition (SOFEX) exhibition from May 7-10 at King Abdullah I Airbase in Jordan. Cubic is a leading supplier of live and virtual training systems in the Middle East and is now extending its capabilities to include computer-based constructive training tools to enable training in all three domains -- live, virtual and constructive.

Live Training Products
Jordan's armed forces recently began conducting live training exercises with their new Cubic-developed deployable Combat Training Center. Core components of the training center include Cubic's field-proven MILES Individual Weapon System, the current-generation manworn laser engagement system for the U.S. Army for dismounted soldiers; MILES vehicle systems; and Exercise Control and After Action Review facilities. The new center will allow Jordanian forces to engage in force-on-force training with MILES laser engagement systems throughout the country.

Also highlighted will be Cubic's Tactical Vehicle System, or TVS, an easy-to-use laser-based live combat training system for tactical vehicles that uses advanced wireless devices with embedded laser detectors instead of cables. Both the MILES Individual Weapon System and Tactical Vehicle System are programs of record for the U.S. Army.

Cubic's Special Operations Forces - Weapons Engagement Simulation System (SOF-WESS) is ideal for training special operations teams. Small lightweight and discreet, it is interoperable with other engagement systems while using the latest wireless technology. Key components are small arm transmitters that can attach to NATO and international weapons to simulate weapons firing, and detector modules that can be placed anywhere on a uniform or clothing by use of a magnetic bracket. SOF-WESS is now being used by certain international land and air forces and elite paramilitary police.

Virtual Training Products
Cubic's EST 2000 Engagement Skills Trainer, another U.S. Army program of record from Cubic, has been delivered to 11 locations in Jordan as well as bases in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and one other Gulf Cooperation Council country. Cubic will display a smaller-scale version of the system called EST Dismounted Soldier (DS) designed for individual soldiers to gain, sustain and sharpen their marksmanship skills in small spaces.

Constructive or Live/Virtual/Constructive Products
Cubic will introduce a smaller-scale version of its Mission Rehearsal Planning System (MRPS) virtual sand table system for constructive or computer-based training. Cubic's MRPS system is an easily deployable planning and rehearsal training tool with a touch screen interface mounted to a mobile pedestal. MRPS allows units, leaders and teams to train for both kinetic and non-kinetic missions. It uses a true constructive simulation rather than a scripted gaming engine to enable interactive mission planning, wargaming and decision analysis. Trainers can easily adapt and tailor the constructive simulation to emulate different tactics, techniques and ground conditions.

"All of these products can be integrated with each other to provide a live, virtual, constructive capability for leadership training as well as use in planning for tactical operations," said John Naff, vice president of business development for the Middle Eastern region for Cubic Defense Applications.

Source: Cubic Corporation (NYSE: CUB)
Date: May 7, 2012