New Tunisian carrier Syphax Airlines opts for route planning solution from Lufthansa Systems

The Tunisian start-up carrier Syphax Airlines, which started flight operations in April 2012, has opted for Lufthansa Systems’ automated flight planning services, Lido/FPLS. The two companies recently signed a contract to this effect.

This solution enables Syphax Airlines to benefit from the years of experience gained by Lufthansa Systems in calculating efficient flight plans. The airline transmits the relevant operational data to Lufthansa Systems via a secure Internet portal and receives all required documents in time for departure. Route planning with Lido/FPLS is based on the proven flight planning system Lido/Flight. The system draws on all relevant airspace information including NOTAMS and calculates the most efficient route as regards costs, flying time or fuel requirements depending on the airline’s priorities. Optimized routes enable higher payloads, which enhances the revenue potential.

Established in 2011 and based at Sfax Thyna International Airport, Syphax Airlines launched operations on April 29. Sfax is a port and industrial city in Tunisia and the capital of the province with the same name. The airline plans to serve destinations in France, Libya, Morocco and Turkey with two Airbus A319 aircraft.

Source: Lufthansa Systems AG
Date: May 7, 2012