CAE selects Asia Pacific Flight Training to support 1st and 2nd phases of AirAsia MPL training

 CAE (NYSE:CAE)(TSX:CAE) announced today that Asia Pacific Flight Training (APFT) has been selected to provide local support for the 1st and 2nd phases of CAE's four-phase Multi-crew Pilot License (MPL) training program for AirAsia. CAE recently announced a contract to train more than 200 additional new AirAsia A320 First Officers in a competency-based MPL program to be conducted at training locations in Malaysia.

The first AirAsia-sponsored CAE MPL cadets graduated in 2011 from a beta program operated in North America, and are successfully flying for the airline. A second AirAsia-sponsored MPL class is currently in the Advanced training phase at CAE's Toronto, Canada facility; they are scheduled to graduate this summer.

"APFT is proud to be supporting CAE, the world's leading provider of commercial aviation and ab initio training. We also look forward to again working with AirAsia, an ASEAN based airline which is pioneering a new era in air travel. Our mission is to help cadets realize their dream of becoming professional pilots," said Dato' Faruk Othman, Chairman of APFT.

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"We welcome APFT to the CAE MPL team in Malaysia, and will together deliver a training program to the world-class standards that CAE has established for competency-based training," said Jeff Roberts, CAE Group President, Civil Simulation Products, Training and Services. "APFT has a reputation for producing high-quality graduates, and this program will leverage their local strengths in applying the rigorous CAE MPL methodology that has led to the success of our program for AirAsia."

Capt. Fareh Ishraf Mazputra, Director Flight Operations, AirAsia, said: "This all-Malaysia program will establish a new benchmark for MPL training in Asia, building on our outstanding experience with CAE. This approach will also save time and cost for the cadets, their families and the airline."

Following completion of the first two phases of training at APFT, the Intermediate and Advanced phases of the CAE MPL program for AirAsia will be conducted at the Asian Aviation Centre of Excellence, a CAE-AirAsia joint venture training facility in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The MPL license is expected to be granted by the Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia (DCAM) following the takeoff and landing phase of training. Graduates will then enter AirAsia's initial operating experience program for Airbus A320 First Officers.

The CAE MPL programs are based on International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) guidelines. The program objective is to deliver a best-in-class competency-based training program that provides airlines with pilots who are validated to safely and efficiently operate a modern multi-crew, multi-engine, turbine-powered commercial transport aircraft in all expected operational environments. The CAE MPL programs feature a blended training methodology, rigorous cadet selection process, integrated Aviation English Language training, emphasis on crew resource management and threat/error management, and airline operating procedures throughout.

Source: CAE
Date: May 3, 2012