ITT Exelis awarded second production enhanced night vision goggle contract

The U.S. Army has qualified an ITT Exelis (NYSE: XLS) goggle that allows soldiers to detect and identify potential threats while maintaining a secure position in various environmental conditions during nighttime missions. This contract award is valued at approximately $49.5 million for over 3,800 units, which features the company’s latest sensor fused night vision technology that fuses thermal and light amplification into an unprecedented “own the night” capability. 

The Army awarded Exelis the first of two production options for the Spiral Enhanced Night Vision Goggle (SENVG), designated AN/PSQ-20A. A capability that provides our soldiers the ability to detect and identify potential threats, regardless of the weather or environmental conditions, helping to ensure they complete their missions and come home safely. 

“We have proved our sensor fused capability in the field, and we are ready to deliver the next round of enhanced night vision goggles to the U.S. Army,” said Nick Bobay, vice president and general manager of ITT Exelis night vision business area. “The night vision team leveraged our design and manufacturing experience to create a sensor fused goggle that provides the soldier with greater situational awareness and improves command execution and rapid decision-making on the battlefield. For soldiers in the field, this is a game-changing technology that increases mission effectiveness – day or night.”

Exelis competed and qualified the SENVG during the Army’s rigorous qualification phase of the contract. Exelis was awarded the first ENVG contract in 2005 for over 9,000 goggles and was the first company to field sensor fused night vision technology. Since 2008, Exelis has fielded the majority of this order and is scheduled to complete deliveries this summer. These ENVGs have given Army soldiers enhanced situational awareness during challenging operations. With more than four years’ experience producing enhanced night vision goggles for the military, Exelis has the supply chain, equipment and workforce to immediately bring production in line and begin delivering units to the Army.

The SENVG is production-ready, reliable and durable in challenging conditions and combines the strengths of thermal infrared imagery and image intensification. The SENVG is designed to accommodate enhancements for future network integration and lays the foundation for a digital future.

Source: ITT Exelis
Date: May 1, 2012