Inmedius Advances S1000D Support with Development of S1000DmanagerAcaEURA3/4Ac v4.2

Inmedius®, Inc. announces the latest, enhanced release of S1000Dmanager v4.2, its robust project setup and management system. This recent product development supports the S1000D 4.1 Technical Pre-release Package and the Airbus A350 platform. The S1000D 4.1 Technical Pre-release Package is a working version of Issue 4.1 and provides significant changes to a large number of Data Modules.

“Inmedius’ S1000D Publishing Suite™ was designed to quickly and easily adapt to Specification requirements changes,” stated Sean Rushing, Inmedius Director of S1000D Products and Services. “We were the first to deliver 4.0 support and are aggressively moving forward by supporting the Issue 4.1 pre-release package. Proactively incorporating these changes into our software will enable our clients to review and seamlessly transition to the new issue when it is released. A number of key Inmedius customers have committed to using the new version within days of its release.”

Manger 4.2 release functionality provides support for the creation, importation, and exportation of S1000D data within the Common Source Database (CSDB). In addition, users can author 4.1 compliant Data Modules in S1000DauthorPro™. Data Modules supported include; Crew, Description, Fault Isolation, Illustrated Parts Data(IPD), Procedural, Process, Schedule, Wiring Data Description, Wiring Data, Business Rules Exchange(BREX), Container, PCT, ACT, CCT, Checklist, PM, Data Module List(DML), and DDN. Support for viewing and publishing in S1000Dinteract™ and S1000Dreview™ will be available in upcoming releases.

Source: Inmedius
Date: Apr 20, 2012