Best Tower Simulator for Dubai

The Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) Dubai has recently awarded a contract to Micro Nav Ltd to add tower simulation capabilities to their existing ATC radar simulator. Three of the six workstations will have full two-dimensional tower and ground controller training facilities as well as data preparation and system management tools. It will be used for a range of training tasks including low visibility procedures, combined radar – tower and multi-sector exercises. The BEST simulator has special interfaces so that it can also stimulate examples of the DCA operational radar workstations. This gives the benefits of high-fidelity, on-console training plus the flexibility of stand-alone simulation training. The original system entered service in 2002. Micro Nav have a successful 17 year track record of supplying and supporting radar and tower simulators for civil and military air traffic management agencies world wide. The BEST simulators provide everything needed from Beginning to End for Simulation and Training and are used by many national authorities world wide. Micro Nav also supply military ATC and fighter controller simulators. Contact: Tom Howard-Jones New Business Director Micro Nav Ltd Tel: + 44 1202 764444

Source: Micro Nav Ltd
Date: Jun 21, 2005

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