Elbit to Showcase Maritime Capabilities and Solutions for Expeditionary and Irregular Warfare

Elbit Systems of America, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Elbit Systems Ltd., will present innovative solutions, designed to enhance the capabilities of expeditionary, irregular warfare, and special operations forces at the upcoming Navy League Sea-Air-Space (SAS), (booth #302) set to take place in the Gaylord National Harbor Resort and Convention Center, National Harbor MD from April 16-18, 2012.

Whether deployed in peacekeeping operations, low intensity conflict, or combat, Elbit Systems of America's innovative, practical solutions allow units to operate successfully in complex conflicts and urban environments.

The Elbit Systems of America exhibit will feature rotary and fixed wing aircraft situational awareness enhancement capabilities:

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Cockpit technology demonstrator featuring our Degraded Visual Environment (DVE) solution and helmet display and tracker system, with flat panel displays
Elbit Systems of America’s cockpit technology demonstrator highlights our intuitive brownout “grid symbology” which allows helicopters or tilt-rotor aircraft to effectively operate in Degraded Visual Environments (DVE) without the use of any heavy or drag-inducing sensors. Our Helmet Display and Tracking System (HDTS), which provides unique crew coordination advantages, is the backbone of the system and is comprised of qualified components already supplied to the DoD and in use on various U.S. military aircraft. The flat panel displays for the HDTS feature qualified avionics components that have been rigorously tested, meet all U.S. qualification standards, and are compatible with both day and night operations using our proven Heads Up Display ( HUD) and Night Vision Goggles (NVG).

CockpitNG™ with Targo® Helmet Mounted Avionics (HMA) and Embedded Virtual Avionics (EVA)
CockpitNG™ is based on a smart central large area display (LAD) which includes all avionic components in one unit. This display is fully integrated with Targo®, a Helmet Mounted Avionics system that enables pilots to plan, rehearse, fly and debrief using their personal helmets. The systems are easily integrated into any aircraft’s avionics, providing all the benefits of prior Helmet Mounted Displays (HMD) including helmet visor-projected imagery and symbology, precision head tracking and cueing. Installing EVA on a basic or advanced trainer aircraft transforms the aircraft into a virtual advanced fighter while maintaining the hourly training costs of a trainer. The EVA virtual avionics suite, together combined with Targo® and CockpitNG™, are designed to bridge the large training gap existing today between trainer and modern fighter aircraft.

Surveillance and Precision Strike enhancements:

The JTAC LTD, based on Rattler laser technology, is one of the lightest laser targeting/hand-off solutions available for foot mobile warfighters. With its Direct View Optic, warfighters never have to attach and boresight an external optic for day missions, and the 1-watt NIR pointer boresighted to the 1064nm laser provides an organic night capability. The top rail and bottom rail grabber provide the warfighters with options for stacking mission specific equipment.

IllumiNite® & PortLight™ – Laser Gated Imaging (LGI) Technology
LGI is a patented night vision technology that represents the next evolutionary step to enable clear night vision in all weather conditions, beyond visible range. The critical need to classify and identify threats at increased or stand-off distances is paramount to maintain tactical advantage, protect maritime assets and naval personnel as well as reduce costs associated with the need to verify threats or false alarms up close and in person.  Night time Search And Rescue (SAR), Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA), floating object avoidance, bridge stress reduction, etc., demand the best night vision technology available.  See through glass, read ship names, identify uniforms and flags clearly from safe distances, fusing day, thermal and LGI for best possible situational awareness. LGI technology clearly “illuminates the Night”.

Common Laser Designator Rangefinder (CLDR)
The CLDR is an essential part in the modernization of the AC-130 Gunship and AH-1Z Hawkeye fire control system by providing an essential upgrade to the platforms’ laser designation capability. This enhanced capability is due to the use of a cutting edge diode pumped laser transmitter core that allows the system to have high power, low divergence and high reliability. This also allows for the laser to output three different wavelengths each suited for their own applications: designation, eye-safe range finding, and alignment. The CLDR provides a solid core to increase the capability and reliability of the new fire control systems.

Precision Guided Munitions (PGM) seekers
Elbit System of America’s research and development team is committed to providing cost effective, bleeding-edge semi-active laser (SAL) and multi-mode strap-down seekers for precision guided munitions. Our advanced development staff includes world-class optical science, software, systems and hardware experts.  Our latest offerings include the Lonestar III (SAL), the dual mode Lonestar IV (SAL/LWIR) and the newly featured large aperture Lonestar IIIA (SAL).   These products do not represent mere incremental improvements in performance.  Rather, they provide today’s war fighter with ever increasing accuracy allowing for smaller warheads, minimal collateral damage, cost efficiency and enhance mission success.

Lightweight mobile communications solutions:

Tacter®-31D Computer
The Tacter®-31D is the next generation of the Tacter® family of military computers, featuring a tablet configuration. The Tacter®-31D computer provides powerful computing capabilities, a high performance 10.4” XGA sun-readable display with LED backlight, a smart power management algorithm, a Smart Li-lon battery for long stand-alone operation time, hot-swap (secondary battery) for uninterrupted operation during main battery hot-swap, optional military or commercial embedded GPS and much more. The Tacter®-31D computer’s outstanding versatility and capabilities place it as an excellent candidate to serve all combat echelons in the rapidly evolving world of the new modern digital battlefield.

Based on the Marvell 520 MHz PXA-270 processor, the RPDA-57 responds to the call for situational awareness applications. The generous 128 MB RAM and 64 or 128 MB Flash Memory provide ample room to run and house many applications in nonvolatile memory, providing protection against data loss due to battery drainage. Available in both wireless and non-wireless configurations, RPDA’s aluminum construction eliminates many of the reliability concerns associated with handhelds. The waterproof design delivers operability in tough environments never before possible. Optional functionalities can be incorporated into modular “backs”, giving the flexibility needed to support many tasks with one basic computer and change mission profiles on the move. The Rugged-PDA modular design allows an operator to reconfigure the RPDA-57 hardware and software for a specific mission without changing the basic unit

Expeditionary, Global Sustainment solutions:
Elbit Systems of America provides support solutions for specific customer needs. Easy access to OEM support, fast repair turn-around times and online status reporting enable our customers to better forecast asset availability and enhances operational availability. Elbit Systems of America realizes that our customers deserve a product support structure as stable and reliable as their tactical platforms. The Company provides combat-proven design, development, production, repair, and life-cycle supportability solutions of mission critical systems for U.S. and Allied military tactical platforms. The Company also enhances customer capabilities by managing the repair and overhaul system support, and life cycle support of all of the military electronics systems. Elbit Systems of America’s subsidiary, M7 Aerospace LLC, was awarded NAVAIR’s Navy Light Lift program in April 2011, which combined two separate Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) contracts into one. Undertaking full performance in June 2011, M7 has maintained greater than 95.6% mission capable rates for both the UC-35 and C-26 fleets at nine CONUS and OCONUS sites

Source: Elbit Systems Ltd.
Date: Apr 16, 2012