Raytheon Seeks to Triple Gallium Nitride Capabilities

Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) has been awarded an 18-month, $1.8 million contract by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to develop next-generation Gallium Nitride devices bonded to diamond substrates. The technology, called Thermally Enhanced Gallium Nitride (TEGaN), seeks to increase the power handling capability of GaN devices by at least three times.

TEGaN enables state-of-the-art transistors and monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs) to achieve their full performance potential by reducing thermal resistance. TEGaN acts as a multiplier for GaN's unique qualities, which may dramatically reduce the cost, size, weight and power of defense systems. Over the course of the 18-month contract, Raytheon seeks to develop and test TEGaN's capabilities and establish a clear path to technology insertion into military systems.

Leap-ahead Capability for Military Systems

Gallium Nitride is a core competency within Raytheon and an integral technology behind some of the company's major radar programs. GaN's unique qualities allow radar, electronic warfare and communications systems to be smaller, more affordable and highly efficient.

"Raytheon continues to be at the forefront of GaN technology development," said Joe Biondi, vice president of Advanced Technology for Raytheon's Integrated Defense Systems (IDS) business. "We are pushing the envelope of this proven technology to provide our warfighters with the most advanced sensing, communications and electronic warfare capabilities in the world."

Source: Raytheon Corporation (NYSE: RTN)
Date: Apr 11, 2012