PLATH Successfully Contributes Towards Developing a Multi-sensor Data Fusion Engine for Urban Situational Awareness

PLATH GmbH, for more than 50 years specialist on COMINT and EW systems, joins the MEDUSA Project Consortium and brings in its experience in the evaluation of massive amounts of sensor data.

The MEDUSA project is funded within the European Defence Agency’s (EDA) “Joint Investment Programme on Force Protection”. The MEDUSA consortium is composed of 11 academic and industrial partners from 8 European countries which jointly contribute towards developing a “Multi Sensor Data Fusion Grid for Urban Situational Awareness”.

MEDUSA provides a concept of a system that collects, intelligently fuses and presents information so that forces can monitor the status of an operation in an urban environment without interfering with activities of citizens. MEDUSA significantly improves Situational Awareness as well as Command and Control capabilities in the context of force protection. MEDUSA is designed to address a capability shortfall in the area of fusing multiple types of information in urban environments.

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In this context, PLATH researched how to enrich sensor data with semantic information arising from the urban context and to use such high-level knowledge. In that way communication structures - that would otherwise be hidden to an operator - are automatically disclosed. The resulting knowledge considerably enhances situational awareness and yields faster reaction times in case of evolving threats.

Source: PLATH GmbH
Date: Apr 10, 2012