Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion 'flies' into the business aviation market

Rockwell Collins today announced that its Pro Line Fusion® advanced integrated avionics system has entered into service as part of Bombardier’s Vision Flight Deck*on Global aircraft.

“Never before has there been an avionics system this sophisticated with such captivating enhancements in the business and regional aviation market,” said Greg Irmen, vice president and general manager, Business and Regional Systems for Rockwell Collins. “Pro Line Fusion brings superior situational awareness, unprecedented flexibility, and a new level of secure, reliable synchronization between the aircraft and corporate flight operations.”

Pro Line Fusion offers unmatched breadth and capabilities that span from turboprops to air transport and military aircraft. The system integrates and displays essential flight information through empowering, graphically rich interfaces, including high-integrity head-up guidance featuring synthetic and enhanced vision, and the industry’s largest format LCD primary flight displays (15 inch). These state-of-the-art interfaces make flying more intuitive and greatly enhance pilot situational awareness during all phases of flight.

Pro Line Fusion brings new features currently not available in the marketplace, including:

  • Certified synthetic vision on a head-up display that improves safety and operational efficiency in low-visibility conditions and unfamiliar territory
  • Highest-resolution synthetic terrain data, which couples with Rockwell Collins’ patented Airport Dome that orients pilots before descent and targets runway highlighting on the airport diagram
  • Networked capability enabling interoperability with Rockwell Collins Ascend™ to synchronize the aircraft and ground systems for database and maintenance updates
  • An open, software-based architecture which supports rapid deployment of new features as they are certified and adapts to meet future airspace requirements

This first delivery is on a Global 5000 jet. The first delivery of a Bombardier Global 6000 aircraft featuring the Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion as part of the Vision Flight Deck is expected in the coming weeks.

Source: Rockwell Collins, Inc. (NYSE: COL)
Date: Mar 28, 2012