Micro Nav secures Swissport UK contract to supply Airside Driver Training simulator at Stansted Airport

Micro Nav, the leading UK aviation simulation and training company is delighted to have secured a contract to supply Swissport UK at Stansted Airport with the latest technology Airside Driver Training (ADT) simulator.

Micro Nav Ltd will supply Swissport Ltd with an Airside Driver Training (ADT) simulator system and a 3D model of Stansted Airport along with 50 aircraft and vehicle models.

Swissport in the UK is part of the larger family of Swissport International. It provides ground services for over 70 million passengers. In the UK they operate out of Heathrow, Gatwick, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle and Stansted.

The adoption of the ADT by Swissport UK reflects a growing trend towards the implementation of competency-based training and validation for all ground personnel. This trend is reflected in CAP790 recently released by the UK CAA, and is expected to be  included in forthcoming regulatory requirements from the EASA and the FAA for airside driving and Radio Telephony (RTF) proficiency certification.

Micro Nav have designed and manufactured aviation simulators since 1988 and their latest ADT simulator provides a safe, versatile and realistic environment in which airport drivers can be trained and evaluated. The simulator will be used for drivers to practice driving at night, in low visibility, in heavy traffic and during emergency training scenario’s without leaving the training facility. The simulator is also useful for familiarisation training for new airside drivers whilst allowing them to practice and develop their RTF skills at the same time.

The Ground Operations Advisor at Swissport UK, Craig Handley commented:  “Micro Nav’s Airside Driver Trainer will help Swissport to improve driver training and reduce the number of accidents and damage caused to aircraft and infrastructures. It will ensure that our drivers are well-trained and we continue to improve safe and efficient driving standards at Stansted airport”.

“Micro Nav is delighted to be working with Swissport Ltd. who are demonstrating a lead in the important area of improving safety and operational efficiency using a competency-based training approach”, said Martin Wise, Sales and Marketing Director at Micro Nav.

Source: Micro Nav
Date: Mar 28, 2012