Eurocopter to showcase its ability and readiness to support Asia's growing business aviation market

Eurocopter will exhibit in the 2012 Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (ABACE) held in Shanghai from 27-29 March, with two of its most popular helicopter models for business aviation on display – one AS350 B3 Ecureuil on static display and one mock-up of its light twin-engine EC135 at Stand No. P616.

The Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition 2012 will provide the platform for Eurocopter to demonstrate not only its commitment, but also its ability to meet the growing demands of a booming general aviation market in Asia, particularly in China.

2011 saw an accelerated growth in China’s general aviation segment, where 17 out of the 30 helicopters in Eurocopter’s bookings were purchased for general aviation purposes when traditionally only around five were sold each year.

“Business aviation is expected to be one of the key pillars contributing to the growth of the overall general aviation market. We anticipate that China will need about 1,000 helicopters in the next 10 years, of which 10% could be business and private helicopters,” said Eurocopter China CEO Bruno Boulnois.

Eurocopter is the undisputed leader in the global business aviation segment, having sold more than 500 helicopters in the last four years. To ensure this segment continues to be serviced well, Eurocopter constantly introduces new variants and customizations to make helicopter travel as smooth and comfortable as private jets, to meet the needs of discerning travelers today.

Starting with the Stylence package offered on its light single and light twin helicopters, the Stylence family of helicopters are designed with a sleek combination of style and silence. It incorporates extra-think interior insulation and special flooring to further reduce the noise and vibration levels, in order to allow passengers to enjoy the luxurious interiors and in-flight office and telecommunications equipment.

In addition, Eurocopter took “luxury helicopter travel” one step further by collaborating with Hermès and Mercedes Benz, to develop two highly exclusive designer helicopters in the EC135 and EC145 models respectively. The EC135 Hermès version (known as L'Hélicoptère par Hermès) seats five passengers in an exquisite Hermès-designed interior; while the EC145 Mercedes-Benz Style seats up to eight passengers comfortably in an interior that is akin to Mercedes-Benz’ luxury-class saloons.

Most notably, Eurocopter has even developed a specially-designed “Phoenix” cabin interior that can be fitted into its EC155 12-seater model. Introduced to customers in China last year, the “Phoenix” cabin features a burgundy red interior that exudes an oriental ambience, designed to suit the taste and aesthetic preference of Chinese customers. This unique cabin concept has been developed in collaboration with Airbus, who is offering the Phoenix cabin interior in its Airbus Corporate Jets and consists of a layout that is designed to appeal to Asian tastes.

As the only international helicopter manufacturer to have a full-fledged subsidiary in China, Eurocopter has the ability to offer not only the full range of Eurocopter products, but also after-sales support and services in close proximity to all its customers.

“The business and private aviation segment has great potential in China. There is definitely a demand; and we are ready to provide turnkey solutions for our customers, especially the first-time buyers, so that they can start operating their helicopters without hassle and enjoy safe and efficient flights while we take care of everything else,” added Boulnois.

Source: Eurocopter, an EADS N.V. company (Paris: EAD.PA)
Date: Mar 28, 2012