Thales awarded contract to modernise the Ashgabat Airport

Thales has been awarded a contract by the TURKMENHOWAYOLLARY State Civil Aviation Department (SCAD) to supply, install and commission a comprehensive Air Traffic Management system. The contract includes the latest generation TopSky Air Traffic Management system and the STAR 2000 / RSM970S radars. The TopSky centre controls aircraft through the departure, en-route and approach phases.

As prime contractor, Thales will also ensure the integration of a series of complementary Communications, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) equipment.

The contract, which will modernise Ashgabat International Airport's current Navigation Surveillance and Air Traffic Management capabilities, it will enhance safety and efficiency in the Turkmenistan airspace whilst reinforcing the economic development of the country.

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Under this contract, Thales will also provide extensive training for Turkmenistan’s State Civil Aviation Department. The training courses provided by Thales will include extensive air traffic controller qualification courses as well as technical training courses. Thales is fully committed to developing the Turkmenistan State Civil Aviation Department’s internal expertise in the ATM domain.

Remi Gille, Thales VP, Air Traffic Management, stated: “Thales is proud to participate in the modernisation of Turkmenistan’s ATM and ATC systems while the country is strongly engaged in the development of airport facilities.” For nearly 20 years, Thales has been accompanying the development of Turkmenistan’s airport facilities. A trustworthy supplier for the Turkmen civil aviation authority, Thales is keen to continue to bring to Turkmenistan its cutting-edge systems to keep its sky safe. Today, we’re proud to participate in the modernisation of Ashgabat ATM systems, which will enable the Ashgabat centre to improve coordination with neighbouring countries’ centres”.

Source: Thales Group (Paris: HO.PA)
Date: Mar 20, 2012