Harris Receives $64 M from USMC for Falcon III Multiband Manpack Radio Systems

Harris Corporation (NYSE:HRS), an international communications and information technology company, has received orders totaling $64 million from the U.S. Marine Corps for its Falcon III® AN/PRC-117G multiband manpack radios, vehicular amplifier adapters, antennas and field support. The AN/PRC-117G radios and vehicular systems will provide Marine forces with voice and mobile wideband data communications for expeditionary missions.

The AN/PRC-117G is a part of the Falcon III wideband radio family that delivers unprecedented situational awareness on the battlefield. Software-defined and upgradeable, the AN/PRC-117G provides users with high-performance voice and high-bandwidth data communications. The radio supports emerging combat applications such as streaming video, collaborative chat and other applications. The Falcon III family also includes the NSA Type-1 certified AN/PRC-152A wideband handheld radio.

"The AN/PRC-117G is delivering transformational communication capabilities to the Marine Corps by enabling on-the-move transmission of voice, video and data across the battlefield," said George Helm, president, Department of Defense business, Harris RF Communications. "Our radio systems enable highly mobile forces to stay connected and networked no matter where they are on the battlefield. The AN/PRC-117G also offers flexibility and upgradeability to support ongoing tactical radio modernization."

The AN/PRC-117G is the first JTRS Software Communications Architecture-certified and NSA Type-1 certified wideband manpack radio system. With its fully integrated and NSA-certified High Assurance Internet Protocol Equipment (HAIPE) networking encryption, the AN/PRC-117G provides the highest level of information assurance to tactical units.

More than 16,000 AN/PRC-117G radio systems have been deployed by the U.S. DoD and allies such as Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, other NATO nations and Australia. The radio was developed following the JTRS Enterprise Business Model (EBM). The EBM encourages companies to develop next-generation solutions in tactical communications using their own investment capital to integrate JTRS waveform software. In doing so, the EBM stimulates competition, increases innovation, and reduces cost through software re-use.

Source: Harris Corporation (NYSE: HRS)
Date: Mar 15, 2012