Marine Electronics Launches the Pin-point Diver Detection Sonar at Oceanology

Marine Electronics Ltd is launching its competitively priced Pin-Point diver detection sonar at the Oceanology Exhibition (Stand No E525, London ExCeL, March 13-15). The new system incorporates some of the company’s latest technology to provide a real-time 3D view of the area under surveillance. The new system is consequently expected to attract the interest of military users and security organisations seeking to control access to harbours and water-side installations.

This new security sonar differs from others on the market in that it not only locates underwater intruders, be they divers or submersible vehicles, but it also enables the user to establish the depth at which they are operating. Security personnel equipped with this knowledge can then provide a more carefully structured reaction and interception strategy. Despite the advanced nature of the 3D sonar technology, the Pin-Point system is expected to prove attractive to organisations with a more restricted security budget yet a requirement for the best technology.

When in use, the Pin-Point scans both horizontally and vertically to produce a three dimensional presentation of the viewing area up to 500 metres away. The sonar simultaneously scans a horizontal sector of 90⁰ to a 1.5⁰ resolution and a vertical sector of 20⁰ to a 1⁰ resolution with every “ping” of the transmitter. The scanning beams can also be steered by the operator to optimise coverage. When faster updates are needed, the system can scan in 2D mode and then be restored to 3D for more detailed observation of the target.

The T-shaped transducer array can be fixed to a structure or vessel mounted. If required, a motion reference unit can be incorporated to stabilise data against vessel movement. The transducer array is connected by cable to the electronics processing unit which is controlled from the operating PC using Windows-based software through an Ethernet connection.

Source: Marine Electronics Ltd
Date: Mar 13, 2012