Finnish Armed Forces order modular ballistic shield elements and protected containers from Kenno Tech

The Finnish Armed Forces have given Kenno Tech Ltd., Riihimäki, Finland an order with a total worth of about 1,4 M€ for modular ballistic shield systems and protected containers. The deliveries will start this year and continue into 2013.

Both products have been designed to meet the specific needs of the Finnish Armed Forces. High technology plays an important role in their manufacture ensuring that the armour steel retains its protective characteristics all over the steel elements.

The modular ballistic shield system sets comprise 7 shield elements, each of which is 6 metres long. The multi-use elements may be assembled for instance to form a 42 metre camp wall or a shelter. For transport one set acts as a 20 ft container equivalent. Kenno Tech has a patent pending for the modular ballistic shield system.

The protected containers may be used to protect personnel or equipment/supplies against small calibre threats.

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Source: Kenno Tech
Date: Mar 8, 2012