Elbit Features Peregrine Border Security Solution at Border Security Expo

Building upon the years of its parent company's experience and success in addressing the constantly changing needs of a dynamic border security environment, Elbit Systems of America stands ready to provide an integrated tower-based border security solution. The system, called Peregrine, will be featured in the Elbit Systems of America booth (#100) on March 6th at the upcoming Border Security Exposition held at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

Peregrine utilizes the international experience of Elbit Systems Ltd. and tailors it to meet the critical needs of the United States Border Patrol. Like its namesake, the Peregrine Falcon, this border security system detects and assesses items of interest from miles away, with speed and accuracy. Peregrine can provide a cost-effective, highly reliable system designed with ease of maintenance to improve border security along the southwest borders of the United States.

Seeking to support current and future border security missions, Elbit Systems of America designed the Peregrine border security solution with an open system architecture that allows integration with a variety of sensors to meet current needs and accommodate future growth. Integrating these sensor technologies through an intuitive, easy to use Common Operating Picture (COP), agents are provided detailed information for detecting, identifying, and classifying items of interest. The system is proven in challenging geographical areas, including flat deserts, mountainous terrain and heavy vegetation.

Elbit Systems of America's Peregrine has been operationally tested and proven on the United States southwest borders and is ready for deployment to assist agents in any terrain, at any time.

Source: Elbit Systems Ltd.
Date: Mar 7, 2012