Novel piezo motor changes the game

Noliac is launching the Piezo Actuator Drive (PAD) motor as a plug-and-play standard product. Unlike conventional motors, the PAD requires no gear or external encoder for position feedback, making the motor simple and easy to integrate. Further, it is scalable, has very high angular resolution, has high dynamics, high torque – and may be operated in high electromagnetic fields or high vacuum!

Amongst many industries, applications for robotics and hospital equipment will experience significant benefits with the PAD motor.

Changing the game - forever
Founder and Chief Technical Officer of the Noliac Group Bjørn Andersen:
"So far, the PAD motor has been offered as a customized product, but we have now developed a plug-and-play system, including a driver, as a standard product. And that is unique!"

"The PAD motor is already considered revolutionary in many industries. There is no doubt that this motor will change the game, and I am certain that the frontrunners among our customers will gain significant competitive advantages" , Bjørn adds up.

Powerful, accurate and controllable
The PAD motor has its core in the multilayer piezo actuators. It transforms the linear motion of high performance multilayer actuators into a powerful and precisely controllable rotation. To improve the performance of the PAD motor even further, a micromechanical interlock between the motor ring and the motor shaft has been applied, increasing torque and precision while avoiding backlash and slippage.

Significant benefits for hospitals and robotics
Conventional motors emit electromagnetic interference, which disturbs and affects the performance of scanners, infusion pumps and other hospital equipment in a negative direction. Due to the use of the piezo actuators, the PAD motor has no electromagnetic interference, and it therefore offers significant benefits when used in hospital equipment.

Motor rotation can be controlled so precisely that the use of PAD motors in all kinds robotics is an obvious choice.


The Noliac Group has appr. 100 employees. The company presents a unique proficiency in the field of piezoelectric technology. We design, develop and manufacture the total range of piezoelectric products - from powders to mono- and multilayer components and all the way to finished plug-and-play applications.

Source: Noliac A/S
Date: Mar 1, 2012

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