HBC Commends USAF Decision to Reverse LAS Contract Award

Hawker Beechcraft today received notice that the U.S. Air Force will set aside the contract previously awarded to Sierra Nevada/Embraer for the Afghanistan Light Air Support (LAS) competition, effective March 2, 2012, and reinstate Hawker Beechcraft Defense Company to the competitive range under the procurement.

"We commend the Air Force for this decision and we believe strongly it is the right thing for the Air Force, the taxpayers and the people of Hawker Beechcraft," said Bill Boisture, Chairman, Hawker Beechcraft Corporation. "We look forward to competing for this contract as this important initiative moves forward.

"This LAS competition is about much more than 20 aircraft for Afghanistan or a billion dollar contract," Boisture added. "It is about the U.S. Air Force's ability to build relationships with U.S. partner nations around the world for a generation to come. We continue to believe the American manufactured AT-6 is the right aircraft for this critical United States mission."

The Beechcraft AT-6 is the most capable, affordable, sustainable and interoperable light attack aircraft in the world today. The aircraft has proven that it can accomplish the entire mission spectrum described in the LAS competition and more. Importantly, the AT-6 has class-leading weapons capabilities including NATO-standard unguided munitions, laser guided bombs and laser guided air-to-ground missiles. Additionally, the AT-6 is the first and only fixed-wing aircraft to have integrated and successfully employed 2.75" laser guided rockets.

Source: Hawker Beechcraft Corp.
Date: Feb 29, 2012