ATR '-600 series' Armonia cabin obtains ''Good Design Award''

ATR '-600 series' Armonia cabin obtains “Good Design Award” (c) ATR ATR '-600 series' Armonia cabin obtains “Good Design Award” (c) ATR    ATR's newest '-600 series' cabin Armonia, developed by Italian renowned design house Giugiaro has been awarded at the Transportation category of “Good Design Award”, the most prestigious recognition in the US on the domain of Product Design and Graphics, organized by the Chicago Athenaeum.

The jury of the awards, mainly composed by designers and architects, underlined the ability of Giugiaro to enter the commercial aviation field with the development of a totally redesigned cabin space taking into account the specific technical constraints of the aircraft.

Commenting on the award, Fabrizio Giugiaro, Co-Chairman and Styling Director of Giugiaro, declared: “We are honored by such a prestigious international recognition. We have been proud of bringing our almost 40-years experience as designers into such an outstanding and successful partnership with ATR. We are happy to contribute to make the new ATR -600 series aircraft the new reference among regional aircraft”.

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Filippo Bagnato, Chief Executive Officer of ATR, declared: “We are delighted with this important recognition granted to the Armonia cabin for such an impressive development. The patented design of the Armonia cabin provides many advantages, starting by a most updated and state-of-the art look and including increased durability and recyclability of the materials. The design of the cabin, thanks to its lighter materials, will also contribute to further optimize the fuel burnt and the CO2 emissions of the new ATR -600s. And, as most important thing, it will bring passengers into a new dimension of comfort”.

Source: European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company EADS N.V. (Paris: EAD.PA)
Date: Feb 29, 2012