CORENA offers educational S1000D webinar: ''S1000D BREX - Beauty or Beast?''

Seattle, USA. 22 February 2012 --[ASDWire]-- CORENA, a global leader in technical publications software and implementation services, announces a new educational S1000D webinar: "S1000D BREX - Beauty or Beast?"

This free webinar will discuss the S1000D BREX (Business Rules EXchange), explain what it is, why it was introduced to S1000D, and how it fits into the overall acquisition and production process.

Since the BREX concept was first introduced in 2003, there has been much confusion surrounding it and many debates about whether it is a beautiful or beastly creation. To some, the BREX appears far too restricting to be useful while others perceive the BREX as being capable of doing much more than it was ever intended for, further increasing the uncertainty of this S1000D construct.

The presentation will describe the BREX concept, explain how it will appear in the next issue of S1000D, and will answers questions such as:

  • Where does the BREX concept fit into the acquisition and production process?
  • How does the BREX data module relate to the overall Business Rules complex?
  • Do I have to develop a BREX data module for my project?
  • How should a customer relate to the BREX data module?
  • How does the BREX concept support the producer of information?
  • How do I develop a BREX data module for my project?
  • What is possible to express using the BREX data module? Are there limits to what can be done with the BREX data module?
  • How can the BREX concept be supported in practice in my environment?


The webinar is taking place on 28 February 2012 at 10 a.m. PDT (Los Angeles).

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Source: CORENA
Date: Feb 22, 2012