Gripen is the Preferred Choice for Switzerland

In a press conference today, Swiss Defence Minister Ueli Maurer reiterated Gripen E/F as the optimal solution for Switzerland. 

After an initial evaluation document reached media, the Swiss Defence Minister Ueli Maurer called for a press conference to comment on the rumors that Gripen would not meet the Swiss Air Force requirements. Today, the Swiss defence authorities reconfirmed Gripen as the optimal solution forSwitzerland.

On 30 November 2011, the Swiss Federal Council selected the Gripen E/F as preferred candidate to replace their present F-5 aircraft. Saab andSwedenare now in negotiations withSwitzerland, optimizing the complete package and preparing for the acquisition of Gripen E/F.

Saab is confident that the Gripen package givesSwitzerlandwhat it needs in all areas, particularly in terms of a fighter that delivers the best price-to-performance ratio with a long-term and agreed development path. Saab is committed to deliver a comprehensive Industrial Package that delivers long-term benefits to all of society. The acquisition of Gripen will further strengthen the partnership betweenSwitzerlandandSweden.

Gripen, in operational service with five air forces, is an unquestionable capable fighter system that delivers its tasks. It is a new generation, multi-role fighter aircraft which uses state-of-the-art technology. It is capable of performing an extensive range of Air-to-Air, Air-to-Surface and reconnaissance missions employing the most modern range of weapons. Gripen has been part of NATO’s QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) organization since 2005. The operating air forces have participated with Gripen in several large, international exercises (including two Red Flag exercises in theUS) with very good result.

With approximately 2,000 flight hours in combat missions overLibyaand delivery of close to 40 per cent of the total need of Tactical Reconnaissance in the NATO operation Unified Protector, Gripen is a very capable fighter aircraft.

Source: Saab AB (OMX Stockholm: SAAB B)
Date: Feb 15, 2012