Component Control Module for Remote Inventory Offers Complete Management of Forward Stock in the Supply Chain

SAN DIEGO, CA, February 14, 2012 --[ASDWire]-- Component Control announced today the successful release of Remote Inventory, a powerful inventory management solution that allows Quantum Control users to remotely manage the entire forward stocking process and related costs for each inventory location. Users can set minimum and maximum inventory levels online, then track, manage, and bill upon consumption for inventory co-located at any customer facility. Remote Inventory systematically improves production and repair processes by accelerating the replenishment of stock to keep work in process. Customers leveraging Remote Inventory include leading aviation supplier and services companies such as A J Walter Aviation, Argosy International, and Worthington Aviation.

"Our Remote Inventory solution helps companies at both ends of the supply chain. For users, the solution enables them to keep appropriate stock levels at the customer site, and remotely manage the billing and restocking of parts in a timely and accurate manner," said Z Bar-on, CEO of Component Control. "For forward stock recipients, accurate stock levels reduce critical impediments to production and repair that impact operator performance."

Remote Inventory is integrated with Quantum Control purchasing, shipping, sales, repairs, and leasing modules to easily track requisitions, stock, shipments and usage by the customer. Invoicing the customer is accomplished based upon monthly stock usage, and a dashboard view shows all costs and revenue related to the remote inventory, providing accurate profitability analysis of the project.

Source: Component Control
Date: Feb 14, 2012