CAE to deploy 3 new helicopter simulator training programs in Norway and Brazil

, CAE today announced on the eve of the Helicopter Association International (HAI) Heli-Expo conference that it will deploy three new simulation-based training programs for helicopter pilots and maintenance engineers.

The new programs include Sikorsky S-92 training – including search-and-rescue (SAR) mission training capability – in Stavanger, Norway and Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Eurocopter EC-225 training in Sao Paulo. The programs will feature new CAE 3000 Series Level D flight and mission simulators and CAE SimfinityTM e-Learning options.

“The Brazil and North Sea offshore oil and gas markets are robust, and we are particularly pleased to extend our commitment to those markets with the highest-quality flight and mission training available,” said Jeff Roberts, CAE Group President, Civil Simulation Products, Training and Services. “Our global helicopter training network locations are positioned close to our customers’ operations, enabling more training value at less cost throughout the year. We are committed to helping helicopter operators worldwide fly their missions safely and efficiently by training risk-free with the best available simulation technology and highly qualified instructors.”

The new simulators will provide helicopter pilots with an unprecedented level of realism for mission training, including SAR operations for the S-92, offshore oil and gas rig operations, and other complex scenarios for which simulation training is ideally suited. The CAE 3000 Series S-92 / EC-225 simulator in Sao Paulo will incorporate a “mothership” with interchangeable cockpits.

The simulators will be equipped with CAE TroposTM-6000 visual systems. CAE will offer CAE Simfinity e-learning solutions for both aircraft types using the same high-fidelity simulation software as the Level D simulators, enabling self-paced training anywhere, anytime and optimizing student time at the training center. The new simulators and e-Learning courses will be ready for training by early 2014.

CAE operates or has announced training locations for civil helicopter operators in 11 locations worldwide, more locations than any other training organization. Other new training capabilities initiated or announced in the past year include Bell 412 training in Mexico City / Toluca (which began in January), and S-76C++ training in Sao Paulo as well as Zhuhai, China. CAE and its partners currently offer civil helicopter training in the U.S. in Phoenix, Dallas, and New York (Morristown, New Jersey); Sesto Calende, Italy; Dubai, UAE and Bengaluru, India. Across these locations, CAE is operating or deploying 20 advanced simulators and flight training devices.

Source: CAE
Date: Feb 12, 2012