Esterline CMC Electronics Supports Sikorsky and US Army

Esterline CMC Electronics (CMC) is committed to both Sikorsky and the U.S Army in meeting the mission requirements of the HH/UH-60M and UH-60L BLACK HAWK helicopters.  CMC’s flight management systems are installed and integrated on the UH/HH-60M and UH-60L helicopter cockpit.  CMC delivered its 1,000th Flight Management System, known as the CMA-2082MC, to Sikorsky for installation on the HH/UH-60M aircraft in July 2011. This FMS has also been selected for the S-70i™ International BLACK HAWK helicopter. 

The 2082MC is a complete flight management system with radio management.  It features an extensive portfolio of navigation, communications, database, mission and display software.  For added flexibility, the FMS offers multiprocessor support for the development of independent or customer-designed software applications.  CMC’s modular FMS is powerful and flexible, with the added benefits of small size, low weight and reduced costs.  Two CMC flight management systems and one emergency panel are installed per aircraft. 

Jim Palmer, Vice President, Aviation Products, Esterline CMC Electronics, stated: “Our 2082MC flight management system is a proven performer on the UH-60M helicopter. As a long time supplier to Sikorsky of displays and flight management systems, we have a tremendous amount of experience developing ruggedized avionics systems and integrated solutions. For this reason, we are able to deliver a low risk solution for new aircraft and for retrofits that operate in harsh environments such as those flown by the UH-60 aircraft.  As budgets tighten, we believe this to be of great value to our customers.” 

CMC’s vertical scale engine instruments have been a standard fit on the UH-60 BLACK HAWK aircraft since 1978.

Source: Esterline CMC Electronics
Date: Feb 12, 2012