Kanfit to Showcase Lightweight, Ultra-Strong Components for Airborne Platforms using RTM Technology

Kanfit – a build-to-spec aerospace engineering development and production company specializing in integrating composite and metal components -  will showcase its components for aerospace platforms at the Singapore Airshow,  February 14-19 at the Changi Exhibition Centre, Booth #N49. Among the projects to be spotlighted are the folding wing of a guided gliding bomb, a UAV engine cover, an RTM antenna, satellite dishes, and chaff & flare magazines.

Kanfit has amassed its unique know-how over 25 years of specialization in the development of components for aerospace platforms using composite materials and metals combined into a single product. The company’s expertise also includes the use of RTM (Resin Transfer Molding).  These advanced methodologies significantly increase the strength and durability of the components, as well as making them exceptionally lightweight, less sensitive to temperature changes, with a very small radar footprint and able to withstand the most extreme weather conditions during flight.

Kanfit’s skilled, multidisciplinary team utilizes RTM in the development of ultra-strong Chaff & Flare Magazines which have no failure points - since there are no seams, welding, assemblies, etc. Additional advantages of the technology include higher accuracy, better reproducibility, significantly longer durability, and lighter-than-metal magazines. Kanfit has manufactured thousands of magazines that are installed on a wide range of platforms around the world - and can custom design any configuration for any decoy.

According to Kanfit’s CEO, Mr. Shai Fine, “Our ability to combine composite materials with metal, together with our use of RTM technology, enables us to produce parts of any complexity as single components. This allows us to provide our customers with solutions for the manufacture of strong, lightweight components that meet all the relevant aerospace and military standards - while at the same time, decreasing their production expenses. We invite visitors to the Singapore Airshow to meet our team, learn about our capabilities, and get a closer look at our wide range of solutions.”

Source: Kanfit
Date: Feb 6, 2012