Kelvin Hughes to Launch Compact Naval Radar for Watercraft

Kelvin Hughes will launch its innovative SharpEye™ SCV radar surveillance system to the Asia Pacific market during Pacific 2012.

Kelvin Hughes has designed the new low-power radome radar surveillance system for watercraft operating in blue-water, littoral and riverine environments.

The SharpEye™ 50W SCV system has been tailor-made to enhance small boat situational awareness on craft up to 35m. The SCV has been designed for Special Forces, raiding teams, boarding and search and rescue missions. The technology is applicable to a range of craft such as RHIBs, insertion craft, combat boats, USVs, SAR craft and hovercraft.

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The SCV system incorporates SharpEye’s™ I (X) band solid state technology, replacing the traditional magnetron based systems with a fully coherent solid-state transceiver, in a lightweight, environmentally sealed unit designed for harsh environments.

Despite its size, the SCV version offers the enhanced performance and reliability afforded by the higher power SharpEye™ radar, with a 24 inch antenna and integrated transceiver.

Greatly reduced radar mass and reduced physical footprint of the SharpEye’s™ transceiver, enables the SharpEye’s™ SCV to overcome the inherent performance limitations of commercial type navigation radars in cluttered environments.

Barry Wade, managing director Kelvin Hughes Surveillance Systems said: “We are very excited to be launching SharpEye™ SCV to the region during Pacific 2012.

“SharpEye’s™ SCV enables a discreet means of building an organic surveillance picture out to the horizon, so reducing reliance on external communications links and informing real-time tactical decision making.

“The SCV also presents small craft operators with a high-quality radar picture via a chosen display option, tailored to their requirements.”

Source: Kelvin Hughes
Date: Feb 1, 2012