Datron Introduces New Mobile HF Radio - Next Product in the 7700 Line of HF SDR

Datron World Communications, Inc., a leader in tactical and public safety  communications  products, today announced the introduction of it’s newest mobile HF, SDR radio, the PRC7700H.   The new radio will provide enhanced, long range communications capability to military customers worldwide.

The PRC7700H is an IP addressable, HF, software defined radio which supports the demands for HF Voice and Data communications.  The radio offers integrated 110B data, MELPe digital voice, digital encryption, 141B 2G and 3G ALE. Available in ruggedized manpack and mobile-mounted configurations, the radio extends voice and data communications to operations in remote regions of the world.

“The PRC7700H provides our customers with the HF communications capability they require in a mobile manpack and vehicular configuration to meet their mission needs”, states John Winn, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Datron.  “With the capability of remote control complemented with a full range of software and hardware accessories, this radio makes critical communications possible where our customers need it most.”

Source: Datron World Communications Inc.
Date: Jan 25, 2012