Simmel Awarded Eur 38M Pyrotechnic Contracts

Chemring Group PLC ("Chemring") is pleased to announce that its Italian subsidiary, Simmel Difesa S.p.A.(“Simmel”), has been awarded further contracts to the value of €38 million for the delivery of 81mm pyrotechnic illumination mortar rounds. This award amends and extends existing contracts that were awarded in 2010, which amounted to €24.5 million, and raises the total replacement contracts to €62.5 million. Deliveries under the contracts will be made over the period from 2012 to 2014.

Dr David Price, Chief Executive of Chemring, commented: "I am delighted with today’s announcement. It confirms Chemring’s leading role within the pyrotechnics industry and the sustained requirement for these products despite current defence cuts."

Simmel, based in Colleferro, Italy, is a key supplier of energetics sub-systems such as fuzes, safety and arming systems, warheads and modular charge systems for major ammunition prime contractors around the world. The company is also a specialist manufacturer of medium and large calibre ammunition, rockets and illumination mortar rounds for a substantial number of NATO and non-NATO armed forces. Simmel has a second site at Anagni, Italy, where it has a specialist facility for the disposal of ordnance at the end of its operational life.

Source: Chemring Group PLC
Date: Jan 13, 2012