Component Control Software to Manage Aviation Inflatables' FAA Approved Repair Facility for Aircraft Safety and Emergency Equipment

Component Control announced today that Aero-Parts Connections Inc., a premier supplier of aircraft safety and emergency equipment to the airline and aircraft repair industries, has expanded its investment with Quantum MRO and Logistics software to support its new sister company, Aviation Inflatables Inc. Aviation Inflatables is a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified repair facility, with operational approval from the U.S. Department of Transportation and EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) for the supply and servicing of aircraft safety and emergency equipment. This includes aspirator assemblies, inflatable evacuation slides and life rafts, life vests and more.

“We originally chose Quantum to manage our Aero-Parts Connections supply business because Quantum was, and still is, considered the industry standard both in terms of functionality and scalability,” said Marilyn Callwood, General Manager, Aero-Parts Connection and Aviation Inflatables. “As we grow in volume and diversify our business offering, as we’ve done with Aviation Inflatables, Quantum has worked seamlessly and very efficiently to help us better manage our businesses.”

Along with managing daily operations, both companies will use Quantum to fulfill contracts with Delta Air Lines. Aviation Inflatables’ contract with Delta Air Lines is to overhaul and service their safety and emergency equipment units, while the Aero-Parts Connections’ contract supplies Delta Air Lines with replacement units. Through Quantum, Delta customers will have 24/7 online access to parts service order status via each company website. Said Callwood, “Securing two contracts with Delta, one of the largest airlines in the world, has catapulted Aviation Inflatables and Aero-Parts Connections into an challenging and exhilarating period of growth. We have confidence that Quantum will help us keep all our customers very happy.”

The Quantum Control MRO and Logistics solution delivered to Aviation Inflatables operates on a highly scalable and secure OracleTM database and includes a range of logistics and business modules. For more information on the specific modules purchased by Aviation Inflatables, please see appendix one below.

Source: Component Control
Date: Jan 13, 2012