Curtiss-Wright Controls Forms Defense Solutions Group

Curtiss-Wright Controls, Inc. today announced the launch of its new Defense Solutions business group, the Defense and Aerospace market's largest supplier dedicated to Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) and open standards solutions. The new Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions (CWCDS) organization, headquartered in Ashburn, VA, integrates the business operations of the Company's former Electronic Systems and Embedded Computing business units.

The new organization fortifies the Company's ability to serve burgeoning opportunities for open-standards-based rugged computing, subsystem development and system integration in the Aerospace and Defense market. CWCDS combines the unmatched system engineering, programmatic expertise, system packaging and subsystem development of the Electronic Systems unit with the advanced COTS module design, thermal management, lifecycle maintenance and COTS subsystem development leadership of the Embedded Computing unit into a larger, streamlined and more agile business operation.

"We are very excited to announce the formation of our new Defense Solutions business group, the world's largest Defense and Aerospace COTS and open standards solution provider," said David Adams, Co-Chief Operating Officer of Curtiss-Wright Corporation. "Our Electronic Systems and Embedded Computing business units already served many common customers and markets. Combining these two industry leaders in rugged, deployed technologies will better enable Curtiss-Wright to address a myriad of military programs worldwide."

Re-Structuring in Concert with a Shifting Market Landscape
In today's market, Curtiss-Wright has seen increasing demand for more affordable COTS-based and high Technology Readiness Level (TRL) hardware for military system upgrades. Customers now recognize that very high performance rugged deployed processor subsystems, such as those used in compute-intensive multi-processor C4ISR applications, can be effectively addressed with open standards-based COTS technology. These COTS subsystems replace expensive proprietary alternatives while delivering the most advanced processor technology to the warfighter sooner. To take advantage of the increased efficiencies and lower costs provided by COTS, leading prime and sub-prime contractors are turning to established partners like Curtiss-Wright to provide the design and complete integration of these electronic systems. This trend enables customers to focus their resources on their differentiating high value strengths, such as the development of unique application software, system offerings and platform integration.

Important new initiatives such as the U.S. Army VICTORY, U.S. Navy FACE, and the DoD MOSA programs are focusing on increasing the procurement of open-standards based high TRL hardware to reduce costs and increase interoperability for rugged subsystems deployed in harsh combat environments. The military's strengthened charter in this regard is driving the growing trend towards COTS along with external integration and design sourcing.

In response to these trends, and to better serve its market by streamlining and simplifying customer interaction, CWCDS will provide a unified business operation with increased efficiencies and complementary resources that truly result in a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Lynn Bamford is the senior vice president and general manager of CWCDS. "We are very excited about how the combined capabilities and technology of these two successful and talented groups will enable us to reach new heights by shaping our markets and meeting our customers ever increasing demands," said Mrs. Bamford. "Our team of strong leaders will focus our combined strengths on supporting our customers, enabling us to achieve much more together than we could as separate groups."

Source: Curtiss-Wright Controls
Date: Jan 11, 2012