Swiss Air -Ambulance (Rega) chooses Fokker Services iPad EFB solution

--[ASDWire]-- Fokker Services is proud to announce that Swiss Air-Ambulance (Rega) selected the Fokker Services iPad EFB solution for its fleet of three Bombardier Challenger 604 jets.

The Fokker Services iPad EFB Solution is EASA certified (Class 2 Type B), requires no expensive ICT infrastructure and has a power reserve of up to eight hours. Easy installation ensures aircraft can be converted with very limited downtime at a cost that is incomparable to anything else on the market.

The iPad EFB has been developed and tested with the pilot in mind. It is mobile, user friendly and most of all personal to its owner. Information can be stored, catalogued and bookmarked. The touch screen makes browsing and annotating quick and easy whilst flight plans can be studied prior to boarding. The one-click update automatically replaces outdated content with new versions via the internet. Keeping pilots updated and informed and improving lines of communication within an organization.

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Dominik Ebneter, EFB Administrator and Pilot Jet Operation, Swiss Air-Ambulance (Rega): "After having been the first Swiss operator using EFB Class 2B in 2005, we are ready for the next step in EFB integration. We are proud to become one of the first operators using iPads as an EFB Class 2B. iPad does nowadays reflect the most ergonomic and least room and weight demanding way of an EFB integration. Together with the FOCA (Federal Office of Civil Aviation) and the experience of Fokker Services, we are confident to turn this common gadget into a professional and reliable EFB solution.

Karel van Meekeren, Product Manager Modifications, Fokker Services: "We are excited that Rega, a well known and established Swiss operator based at Zurich Airport has chosen for Fokker Services. This is the first Challenger operator that has chosen the innovative iPad EFB solution and we expect many to follow, based on the interest of the market, and the fact we offer a unique EFB product in the market. We continue to expand the products and services for the Bombardier operator community".

Source: Fokker Services
Date: Jan 10, 2012