Terma T.react Radio Dispatch selected for Finland's new ERC

Based on a successful introduction in Denmark, Terma’s Radio Dispatch was selected by Insta DefSec Oy for the new Finnish Emergency Response Centre (ERC) Information System.

Insta and Terma recently signed a contract comprising 200 user licenses and five years of maintenance and support for a total amount of 5 MEUR.

Earlier this year, Insta DefSec was selected as supplier of the entire Emergency Response Centre Information System in Finland. The ERC Information System enables seamless co-operation between all parties involved in the 112 operations chain (police, rescue services, emergency medical services, and social services as well as the Border Guard). The ERC system is scheduled to be operational in 2016.

- By selecting Terma’s T.react Radio Dispatch, we have secured a professional and reliable solution for the program. Like Insta, Terma is a recognized international supplier of command, control, and communication systems for defense and security purposes, and we regard Terma as a valuable and competent partner on this program, says Timmo Hammar, Vice President, Defence and Security Solutions, Insta DefSec Oy.

- Being selected as supplier to the Finnish Emergency Response Centre Information System marks an important step forward for Terma, says Brian Bendixen, Vice President, Homeland Security Systems.
The T.react Radio Dispatch is installed in the control rooms of the Danish Regions responsible for the Danish ambulance services and is currently installed and in operational use in five of the Danish Police control rooms and will be taken into operational use in the remaining control rooms during 2012.

- We believe our solution has a further export potential, and we will pursue business opportunities internationally with relevant local partners like Insta.

The T.react Radio Dispatch is designed for digitally based radio communication thus ensuring optimum utilization of the performance and abilities inherent in Tetra-based communication solutions. The human-machine interface is based on extensive usability studies with operative dispatchers. 

Source: Terma A/S
Date: Jan 9, 2012