Increasingly booming market for Fokker aircraft in 2011

--[ASDWire]-- A grand total of 60 Fokker aircraft have been transferred by their owners to new operators worldwide during 2011. 'The second half of this year has been outstanding with a total of 33 Fokker 50s and Fokker 100s changing hands', according to Fokker Services' Director of Aircraft Remarketing, Peter van Oostrum. 'This is a clear demonstration of the overall attractiveness of the aircraft and our continued support' he adds.

Indonesia continues to be a prime market for Fokker 50s with 5 aircraft moving to start-up Pacific Royale. Additionally, PT SKY Aviation and PT Transnusa are expanding their fleets with 2 Fokker 50s each during the second half of 2011. In nearby Papua New Guinea, Travel Air has been growing its fleet to 7 Fokker 50s. Also Mongolian Airlines has introduced 2 Fokker 50s. These Asian operators demonstrate the type's suitability for cold climates and unpaved strips as well as hot and humid climates. Across the globe, staunch Fokker operator Air Panama recently added 2 Fokker 50s to its fleet of 2 Fokker 70s which were introduced earlier 2011. Various other Fokker 50 transactions in Europe are undisclosed at this time.

Australia has now become a real stronghold for Fokker jets as Network Aviation, which was purchased by Qantas early 2011, has been 5 adding Fokker 100s to its existing fleet. While incumbent operators Alliance Airlines and Skywest Airlines added various Fokker 70s and Fokker 100s during 2011, the total number of Fokker jets now stands at 39. Most of these aircraft are performing fly-in, fly-out services, supporting the booming mining industry in Australia's interior.

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Natural resources exploration support is also the core activity of start-up carrier Caspiy in Kazakhstan, which has recently purchased 2 Fokker 100s in addition to the 3 purchased earlier this year. Bek Air, also in Kazakhstan, has recently acquired its own Fokker 100 after initially leasing one from Caspiy.

While Fokker Services does not directly market Fokker aircraft, it facilitates placements by lessors and sellers. 'Good performance, great interior, timely product improvements like LED cabin lighting and iPad EFB, low capital costs and comprehensive support committed until the end of the decade and beyond, are the main reasons why operators have been taking Fokker aircraft and will continue to do so', says Peter van Oostrum.

As levels of available Fokker aircraft have been diminishing and demand remaining high, 2012 is expected to be another healthy trading year, albeit at lower numbers of aircraft than in 2011.

Source: Fokker Services
Date: Jan 9, 2012