Raytheon and Thales Australia Deliver Next Generation Desktop to Australia's Department of Defence

Raytheon Trusted Computer Solutions (RTCS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN), has announced a partnership with Thales Australia to deliver an innovative next generation desktop (NGD) environment to Australia's Department of Defence. Using the RTCS Trusted Thin Client® (TTC) software and thin client hardware, NGD seeks to generate significant Strategic Reform Program (SRP) savings by provisioning desktop environments that are simpler and less expensive to acquire and operate.

Once the TTC is in place, end users will no longer require a separate desktop configuration for each network accessed. TTC provides simultaneous, yet separate, access to the Defence Restricted Network and the Defence Secret Network using one desktop configuration. With this reduction, hardware can be reallocated, reducing the need to purchase new assets. Additionally, end user workspaces are less cluttered and more energy efficient, requiring less wiring, cooling and power to operate.

"Australia's NGD initiative shows the accelerated adoption of trusted cross domain technologies, within the 'Five Eyes communities,'" stated Ed Hammersla, chief operating officer, Raytheon Trusted Computer Solutions. "The ability to reliably access information on multiple sensitive networks across the enterprise is critical to national security in the U.S. and with our allies." 


Source: Raytheon Corporation (NYSE: RTN)
Date: Jan 5, 2012