TAP M&E Brasil performs 1st C-Check on WhiteJets A-320

TAP Manutencao e Engenharia Brasil S.A (TAP M&E Brasil) successfully concluded the 1st C-Check of a new WhiteJets A-320 aircraft on December 18, 2011, two days in advance of the contract turn-around-time (TAT). The services were performed at the Base in Porto Alegre, providing an opportunity to establish, in a practical manner, the expertise for this aircraft model, with the participation of four professionals from TAP M&E Lisbon, which was a determining factor in the success of this operation. WhiteJets President Rui de Almeida pointed out the commitment, and technical, operational and logistical competence of TAP M&E Brasil, and emphasized his trust in the organization: "The work was done according to the highly professional standards for which TAP M&E Brasil is already known, and was concluded two days in advance of the due date. Since it was the first C-Check performed by the Company, I would like to congratulate all of those involved in this task. Whitejets continues to have the utmost confidence in this organization, and expects that this relationship will continue growing. We will be counting on the support of TAP M&E Brasil as our fleet grows," he stated. TAP M&E Brasil is the only member company of the Airbus MRO Network in Latin America, which is certified by the world's main aviation authorities, like the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) of Brazil, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the U.S., and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The Company now includes the capability of providing services for the A-320 aircraft family, in Brazil and the Americas. According to Nestor Koch, President and CEO of TAP M&E Brasil, "the performance of these services on this aircraft is a landmark for the Company, and consolidates our 2011 strategic objective of being capable of working with all of the Airbus aircraft models that operate in Latin America with ANAC, FAA, and TCCA certifications.
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Source: TAP M&E Brasil
Date: Dec 20, 2011