Airbus Military refunds A400M payments to Armscor

Airbus Military confirms that, following constructive discussions with Armscor, it has refunded South Africa's pre-delivery payments for the A400M military transport aircraft while at the same time, opening the door to further close cooperation with South Africa. "The agreement we signed with Armscor on 29 November 2011, draws a line under the cancelled A400M acquisition, but crucially, it lets us all move forward together to explore further opportunities, including upcoming acquisition projects led by ARMSCOR., "explained Airbus Military CEO, Mr Domingo Urena. Background notes: South Africa was given full industrial partner status in the A400M programme in 2005. In return, South Africa committed to acquire 8 A400M aircraft in a firm- and fixed-price contract worth EUR 837 million (which had never increased). Despite South Africa cancelling its A400M acquisition in November 2009, local companies, Denel Aerostructures and Aerosud, have remained responsible for the design engineering, manufacturing and supply of several major parts, including: - aircraft top shells (roof), - wing-fuselage fairing (the largest single aircraft component ever manufactured in South Africa), - aerodynamically complex wing-tips (which directly influence fuel efficiency and carbon emissions) - cabin and cockpit insulation & linings and galleys In addition, Cape Town-based Cobham South Africa, supplies the satellite communications antennae and related systems. Airbus has also launched and committed to ZAR4 billion worth of industrial and research activities with South African partners through to 2020.

Source: Airbus Military
Date: Dec 19, 2011