Teledyne TSS MK31 INS System passes Mil-Std Testing

World Leaders in Marine Navigation, Teledyne TSS, are delighted to announce that their world renowned MK31 INS Ring Gyro Laser System has recently passed the US Department of Defense Test Method Standard (MilStd) testing for Shock (MIL-STD-810G0, Vibration (MIL-STD-167-1A) and EMC (MIL-STD-461F). Speaking at the Company's Head Quarters in UK, Martyn Grange said; "We are proud of the longevity of the MK31 Inertial Reference System, and now that it is fully tested to MilSpec we are looking forward to growing sales to our already established Military customers." The MK31 INS is easy to install, configure and use. With a settling time of less than 30 minutes at sea and less than 15 minutes at dockside, the unit can provide highly accurate heave, pitch, roll and heading data in even the most extreme sea conditions. It can handle rates of turn of up to 250 per second in any orientation due to a strapdown INS algorithm. The entire system is built on solid-state technology so no maintenance is needed to keep the MK31 fully operational.

Source: Teledyne
Date: Dec 8, 2011