Zodiac Milpro Launches Major Commitment to Training

Zodiac Milpro (Military and Professional) International has become the first inflatable boat manufacturer to make a commitment to training with the introduction of a full year syllabus of training courses. The programme was launched with two Zodiac courses in October. The first took place during the Genoa Boat Show where daily sessions on boat care, commissioning and operation were held for Zodiac agents and distributors. This was followed later in the same month by the first formal course in helicopter deployment and drop techniques. It was held near Moscow for the Russian armed forces and dealt with loading the packed boat into the helicopter and all of the technical and safety aspects needed for its airdrop, inflation and subsequent recovery. The groundbreaking new Zodiac 2012 training syllabus has been developed to enable anyone, regardless of whether they are customers or not, to learn how to operate RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats) and other types of inflatable craft efficiently, safely and economically. The courses on offer include commissioning a new boat and its optimisation, helmsmanship to advanced standards, repair and maintenance and a range of special techniques relevant to military or safety service users. These can include air drop or helicopter launch, underwater cache deployment, search and rescue and ship assault. The syllabus also includes training for jet-ski operations as part of a search and rescue capability. The courses have been devised to cover a wide range of Zodiac-related activities and are intended to enable users to maximize their boats' abilities, to extend their service lives and operational readiness while also taking account of each trainee's specific requirements. Depending upon the topic, the courses may be held at a Zodiac factory or at a client's premises where Zodiac instructors can provide valuable guidance and personal tuition. The course instructors employed by Zodiac MILPRO are all experts in their field and are drawn from industry, the military and special forces and from national coast guard services and typically have over 20-years of operational or technical experience. Students are likely to participate as groups from organizations that have identified a need or perceive that positive benefits will come from their gaining a better understanding of their boats and how to use them. With better knowledge customers will maximize their boats' working lives while an ability to undertake maintenance tasks in-house will provide a measurable cost benefit. An additional incentive is being offered by Zodiac with the provision of an extended warranty and free replacement parts for any new customer who participates in one of the maintenance courses. Following the results of the first courses Zodiac is confident that there are numerous armed forces and government agencies that will recognize benefits from the availability of such training. Besides enabling them to gain maximum value from their boats and to reduce running costs, they gain access to the highest standards of training whenever they need it and without any costly investment in training infrastructure of their own.

Source: Zodiac Milpro
Date: Dec 1, 2011