SDS Delivers Virtual Test Bed Enhancements to US Army

SDS International (SDS) recently delivered a variety of enhancements to the US Army Natick Soldier Research Development and Engineering Center (NSRDEC), Natick, MA, focused on further enhancing the First Person Shooter (FPS) PC-based simulation system Virtual Test Bed (VTB) developed by SDS and NSRDEC under earlier contracts. Under this contract enhancement, SDS' Advanced Technologies Division, Orlando FL, delivered an number of baseline VTB system upgrades including major improvements to the system's instructor operator station (IOS) and significant refinements to a Fort Devens terrain database, previously developed by SDS, to include a highly detailed Forward Operating Base (FOB) layout specifically designed to support planned field exercises and experimental scenarios. SDS also delivered improved human performance measurement capabilities designed to increase overall VTB realism and effectiveness. These included realistic locomotion simulation based upon energy expenditure, realistic volumetrics associated with actual equipment measurements, and the computation, representation and affects of body injury on performance/mobility. System enhancements also included improved over-all system load management and more realistic human movements within the FPS VTB, plus the inclusion of health, injury and 3D volumetric data into the VTB's Digital Video Recorder that supports system monitoring and after action review. In addition, SDS delivered a Simulated Weapons Assessment Station (SWAS) capability to the FPS VTB to provide the VTB with realistic weapons firing capabilities including the correct look and feel of the selected weapons, weapons sighting and firing (including audio and recoil), accurate ballistics, and the 3D environment (including bullet ricochets and impact decals) needed to ensure scenario realism. The SWAS, which combines SDS' virtual FPS simulation with Ti Training's interactive Training Lab System, will also provide accurate weapons firing data needed to support selected research activities such as assessing effects of physical changes in the soldier's ensemble.
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Source: SDS
Date: Nov 23, 2011